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Nevod - Kampf, Hoffnung, Liebe!

NEVOD project was started in 2005. Author of the project was inspired by the Middle Ages and the twilight moments of the history of Russia and Europe. The style of first work - dark ambient which inspired by the pagan period of Occidental history. Later style of the project transformed into the martial. This change is dictated by the interests of the project's author to the historical period of the first half of the XX century - investigation of the two world wars as a consequence of the natural cycles of history.

01- Mercurian Phantoms
02- Aluna
03- Kampf, Hoffnung, Liebe!
04- Garten
05- Smashed To Bits (Death In June Cover)
06- Frankreich Von Meinen Traumen
07- Saturner SS
08- Generals In The Sky
09- Gehime
10- Der Faustmaschinen
11- Zoloto
12- Mein Weltanschauung XX

Opcion 1:
Nevod - Kampf, Hoffnung, Liebe!

Opcion 2:
Nevod - Kampf, Hoffnung, Liebe!

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